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Pay Per Click

PPC is an advertising model where businesses pay their host an agreed amount, every time their advertisement is clicked.

Each click can cost the advertiser anything from 1 pence to several pounds depending on several factors, in particular the search engine being used and the search phrase which is being targeted.

Adwords allows advertisers to place their ads onto search results pages within an hour of opening an account, so you can quickly use its power to sell your products and services. However, maximising your return on investment requires research, planning and testing.

AdWords PPC advertising is heralding a new age of cost-effective online advertising, some other distinct advantages are;

  • Cost effective - you only pay when someone clicks on your advert.
  • Flexibility - you can add new content/make changes in the same day.
  • Control over location - you can chose country, city, or postcodes and at what time of day your ads will appear.
  • Long Tail Keywords - these are much easier to target via AdWords allowing you to deliver highly targeted ad copy.

How to ensure you have a well planned and managed campaign.

Step 1 - Research.

Research your market.

Step 2 - Keyword Research.

What keywords are your target audience searching for? What is the cost to bid per click for these relevant keywords?

Step 3 - Build your PPC Campaign.

Group related keywords into ad groups, we recommend that you create multiple ads to split test each ad group.

Step 4 - Landing Pages.

Create an eye-catching, easy to use landing page as this is the first impression visitors whom click on your ad will see.

Step 5 - Track, Measure and Report.

Areas you should monitor, include; impressions (how often your ads appear), click through rate (how often your ads are clicked on) and response rates (how often people respond to your sites offers).

Step 6 - Continual Campaign Optimisation.

Utilise the information gathered at Step 5 to continually refine and improve your keywords, ads and landing pages.

Business Search Local is well-versed in all of the techniques and paid advertising opportunities out there. We tailor our PPC campaigns to match your budget and objectives.

Contact us today to ensure your AdWords Campaigns is making your ad copy as relevant to the search query as possible so that you only invest in areas that will make you money.

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